Site Server Module

The customer makes available a Windows VM and an MS SQL server database. The SQL server database will be equipped with the necessary table structures by b+b. The customer is given read-only access to table data.  Furthermore, the b+b SiteServer application is installed in this windows VM.

The software comprises a Windows service which is immediately activated upon the reboot of the computer/VM, including without the log-on of a Window user.

The "b+b SiteServer" service has the following tasks:

  • Management of the database date (automatic back-ups, data cleansing, import/export)

  • Management of the users/user rights for all b+b software modules (exception: Line Managers)

  • Data exchange with production lines (on TCP/IP basis, b+b LineLink module)
  • Licence management of the b+b software modules in the production department / workplace PCs. To this end, the “b+b SiteServer” service requires access to the SQL server database, access to network connections and, if necessary, access to the directory approvals (e. g. XML files).

  • Data and report exchange with various external repository databases (e. g. EU-Hub) on an XML basis

  • Processing of reports from external repository databases (e. g. EU-Hub) on an XML basis


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