Pharmaceutical importers - Serialisation startup package

The serialisation of drug packaging is becoming mandatory from February 2019 as a key component of the EU-FMD requirements, presents a major challenge to Pharmaceutical Parallel Importers (PI’s) as regards identifying suitable software and hardware combination and choosing the right partner to get support from in the serialisation journey. 

With our background and experience we are able to offer additional resources to help PI`s to implement the equipment for serialisation in repackaging and production, and assist during the complete serialisation journey, from strategizing, EMVO on-boarding, implementation of standard procedures and processes to the validation of the serialisation solution.

Together with our partners, and global PI experienced pharma consultancy and the fact we work closely with many PI companies, we have developed an unrivalled understanding of the regulations and their interpretation in the PI context making us your ideal partner to choose

Our start-up packages were especially developed with PI`s for PI`s and are modular and flexible.

The clock is ticking and we are here to assist and guide you though the process of becomming FMD compliant.



DOWNLOAD Serialisation Startup package for Parallel Importers


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