module overview

Mandatory software:


b+b Site Server

Central server system service + data base 


b+b Site Manager

Management  software



Pharma software modules:


b+b Work Order Label Module

Production software: fast and easy work order creation + printing (LP4)


b+b Code Check Module

Production software: manual checking / recording of printed product labels by handheld scanner


b+b Packing List Module

Production software: recording of product labels on shipping / creation and printing of packing lists



Pharma Reimporter software modules:


b+b Entrance Module

Production software (reimporters): manual warehouse entry capturing by handheld scanner



Machine modules:


b+b Line Manager 

Machine software: print and verify (or verify only) of serialized product labels (machines: LSS, LSS-V, HSF)


b+b Entrance Line Module

Machine software (reimporters): automatic Warehouse entry capturing and sorting (b+b sorting machine)


b+b Aggregation Label Module

Machine software: print and verify and aggregation of poduct, bundle, case and pallet labels (LP4)



Please note that, due to the modular software architecture, the modules and add-ons presented here only represent a selection of those possible. Special modules or module add-ons to existing solutions, including subsequent validation, are possible at all times