Desktop & Industrial printers from CAB

Highly engineered and also available with a range of applicator options to turn them into a print and apply system

Desktop & Industrial printers from CAB

Thermal Printers

Thermal label printers from manufactures such as CAB, Zebra Technologies, Intermec, Toshiba are all used for printing shipping and outer case labels as well as barcodes printing because they produce accurate, high-quality images with excellent edge definition.

Thermal printers are engineered to print within tight tolerances and to produce the exact bar widths that successful bar code printing and scanning require. Each technology can produce one- and two-dimensional bar code symbologies, graphics and text at the same print resolutions and speeds. 

The additional components to achieving the perfect barcode are the thermal ribbon and label material.  BBK can specify the most suitable and cost effective thermal ribbon and label stock required for every application.

As we are not a WEBSHOP whos focus is on volume, we approach the sale of Printers differently.  Our aim is to offer the optimum solution which is based on your functional requirements, operating environment and projected workload.

Working closely with all major manufactures we still have the ability to be cost effective so before you place your order online with anyone else, call and speak to us to see what we have to offer.




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