Labelling machine for different bucket sizes and shapes – Type VEE-MO

Fully automated removing the need for lengthy setup times. The labels are applied by 2 robot systems all controlled via 1 master HMI Includes lid pressing, bucket pre-alignment, print and apply of up to 3 individual labels

This machine was designed to label 17 different shaped buckets e.g. oval, cylindrical, square or conical-cylindrical buckets with special shapes. The labels are applied by 2 robot systems on different positions on the bucket.

Variable data like batch code are printed onto the label by a thermaltransfer printer. Prior to entering the labelling station the bucket lids are pressed to the bucket to close it. The position of the handle is also checked prior to the labelling process. If necessary the bucket and the handle get aligned.

The machine applies up to 3 labels onto different position of a bucket depending on the selected program. New products are teached into the unit by entering the base data oft he bucket into the controller.

No difficult adjustment and setup is needed anymore.

The capacity of the system depending on selected robot system and number of labels/bucket is 6 - 10 products/min



  • Construction
  • Chemistry
  • Trade / Distribution
  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Consumables


  • Square Bucket
  • Bucket
  • Small Buckets
  • Round Buckets
  • Length: 4950 mm
  • Width: 3200 mm
  • Height: 3000 mm
  • Weight: approx: 1950 kg
  • Electronical connection: 400 V
  • Airpressure: 6 bar
  • Capacity: 6-10 products/minute

This machine is suitable for the following label shapes. Click on the shape to view more machines suitable for this shape. Click Here to view all shapes.


  • Pallet labelling system -PAE
  • PAE is an innovative label print & apply system. Up to three sides of a pallet can be labelled by means of pneumatictic track axes. The labels are printed with individual data immediately before the application process. Thermal transfer printing modules from CAB, Zebra & Intermec can be integrated for this.
  • Vial & Ampoule booklet labelling system
  • Highly flexible system designed to label small diameter products such as ampoules and vials. Designed with magnetically attached format pucks which allows for fast and easy change without tools to accommodate larger - smaller products.
  • Conveyor mounted applicators
  • The fully automatic machines of the VFP series can easily be integrated into any existing line and are suitable for labelling a variety of products. However, the machines can also be operated offline by feeding in the products by hand or by means of an optional magazine. The products can be restacked at the outfeed in an optional magazine.
  • Greeting card labelling system - Integrated
  • Based on out Rapid SM applicator, this system has been developed specifically for high speed labelling of greeting cards when integrated to wrapping machine such as Kora Packmat card wrapping machine. Capable of 120 cpm and applying both clear and standard film labels with its ultrasonic label sensor
  • Robotic labelling systems
  • BBK have been building labelling systems which incorporate robotics for over 20 years. These systems tend be be utilised where either flexibility regarding label placement is needed and changes from one product to another OR where access to the areas needing a label to be placed is not accessible with standard engineering methods
  • Tamper Evident and Serialisation - TE-PV
  • TE Module is a modular system for online coding, serialisation and verification on of single packs in the pharmaceutical packaging process. The TE Module combines a compact product transport with printing, vision inspection, tamper evident seal application, reject system and full batch control. Options such as Vignette Labelling available (Bollini Requirements).
  • Form bottle labelling - Type FM
  • High speed front and back bottle labelling machine with unrivaled accuracy and performance. From a trigger spray bottle labelling application for care care or cleaning products through to shampoo type bottles our type FM labelling system is ideal. labelling curved and profiled shapes is not a problem.
  • Bucket labelling system - High accuracy
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