Bucket labelling system - High accuracy

High speed front and back labelling machine with unrivaled accuracy and performance. Configurable for all large containers including buckets & pails commonly used within the chemical, paint and agrochemical and automotive industries

The basic concept of this system is based on the requirement for labelling shaped containers including spray bottles, buckets, pails and bulk containers  without using moulds for form parts. The most important advantages of this are, low set-up costs, high through-put and multiple usage in various production lines. Changing from one product to another takes place by simply adjusting the machine components.

With engineering quality at its foundation, label alignment and positional accuracy of the labels is as good as it gets.  Without question it is one of the most accurate labelling systems available on the market.  We can apply labels of up to 250 mm in height at speeds upto 250 units per min.

Optional features 

• Swivelling control console 
• Rotating control console 
• Touch panel 
• Label pre-warning system 
• 3 or 4-stage indicator light 
• IPZ Manager communication software for viewing the system on a PC 
Marking systems:
• Hot foil printer
• Thermal transfer printing system
• Laser printing system
• Inkjet printing system 

Extension with wrap-around module, extension with lid labelling device, mobile version, full panel covering, EX version, label-rotating station for 45°, rotation of hazardous goods labels, Powered label unwind, for label reel diameters of 350 and 500 mm, label detection sensor of various designs, pressure checking devices of various designs etc. 

Seperating station 
A variety of designs are available forproduct seperation. Depending on the output range, seperation either takes place via 2 pneumatic sliders (output up to 60 units per min.), via a driven rubber wheel (output up to 100 units per min) or via a pair of conveyor belts on both sides (output up to 250 units per min). All three versions can be easily adjusted to other product sizes in a matter of seconds, without the use of tools.

Product alignment station 
If the product is not a rectangular container, but a formed bottle, the product alignment system is crucial for precision labelling.This operation is performed by means of a chain driven, product orientation unit.Owing to the nature of the chain, the shaped bottle only makes contact at a few points during alignment process and is not marked, or damaged in any way. The product alignment station is adjusted by means of a manual spindle. All adjustment units of the system are equipped with reference markings, to ensure maximum adjustment with little use of tools.

Wrap-around and formed bottle mode 
The basic machine includes lateral labelling of form bottles. This can take place on one or two sides. With certain bottle closures, additional labelling from above would be appropriate. A system extension is available in the form of a wrap-around module to enable cylindrical products to be labelled in addition to the formed bottles.
The modules are available either as a 3-roller rotary station (see illustration) or a lateral rotary conveyor (for higher output ranges). The system does not require an additional dispenser for this purpose. To convert the system from the formed bottle mode, to the wrap-around mode, the main dispenser is moved along a linear, supported guide ,with Quick Release closures and is immediately ready for use in the new position.


DOWNLOAD Form bottle labelling machine


Technical data:

Length of system: at least 1710 mm 

Width of system: approx. 1200 mm (label on 1 side) approx. 1600 mm (label on 2 sides) 

Height of system: approx. 1600 mm 

Weight: approx. 350 - 450 kg 

Adjustable working height: from 750 to 850 mm 

Electrical connection: 400 V / 3 PH / 1.5 KW

Air connection: 1/2" - 6 bar 

Output of variant 1: up to 60 products per min 

Output of variant 2: up to 100 products per min 

Output of variant 3: up to 250 products per min 

Work materials: stainless steel, chromium-plated steel, aluminium and anodised aluminium.


  • Bucket labelling system - High accuracy
  • High speed front and back labelling machine with unrivaled accuracy and performance. Configurable for all large containers including buckets & pails commonly used within the chemical, paint and agrochemical and automotive industries
  • Tamper evident labelling systems
  • We have a range of fully automatic as well as semi automatic tamper evident labelling systems available. From a standard high speed solution or integrated module as part of a cartoning system to a desktop solution for small batch packaging applications.
  • Tamper Evident and Serialisation - TE-PV
  • TE Module is a modular system for online coding, serialisation and verification on of single packs in the pharmaceutical packaging process. The TE Module combines a compact product transport with printing, vision inspection, tamper evident seal application, reject system and full batch control. Options such as Vignette Labelling available (Bollini Requirements).
  • Pallet labelling system -PAE
  • PAE is an innovative label print & apply system. Up to three sides of a pallet can be labelled by means of pneumatictic track axes. The labels are printed with individual data immediately before the application process. Thermal transfer printing modules from CAB, Zebra & Intermec can be integrated for this.
  • Form bottle labelling - Type FM
  • High speed front and back bottle labelling machine with unrivaled accuracy and performance. From a trigger spray bottle labelling application for care care or cleaning products through to shampoo type bottles our type FM labelling system is ideal. labelling curved and profiled shapes is not a problem.
  • Greeting card labelling system - Integrated
  • Based on out Rapid SM applicator, this system has been developed specifically for high speed labelling of greeting cards when integrated to wrapping machine such as Kora Packmat card wrapping machine. Capable of 120 cpm and applying both clear and standard film labels with its ultrasonic label sensor
  • E liquid labelling machine - VRM-E
  • This "E" version of our VRM range is specifically targeted at E Liquid and vape juice manufactures to enable simple, fast and cost effective fully automatic labelling of filled bottles.
  • Robotic labelling systems
  • BBK have been building labelling systems which incorporate robotics for over 20 years. These systems tend be be utilised where either flexibility regarding label placement is needed and changes from one product to another OR where access to the areas needing a label to be placed is not accessible with standard engineering methods
  • Vial & Ampoule booklet labelling system
  • Highly flexible system designed to label small diameter products such as ampoules and vials. Designed with magnetically attached format pucks which allows for fast and easy change without tools to accommodate larger - smaller products.
  • Conveyor mounted applicators
  • The fully automatic machines of the VFP series can easily be integrated into any existing line and are suitable for labelling a variety of products. However, the machines can also be operated offline by feeding in the products by hand or by means of an optional magazine. The products can be restacked at the outfeed in an optional magazine.