Label Design Software LP4

If you choose LP4 label design software you are not purchasing an isolated application, but rather a building block in a modular system that will stand the test of time.

Labels Platform 4 is not only a labeldesign and printsoftware, but a modular designed solution.  It runs on Windows XP® / Vista® / Windows 7® / Windows 8® and Windows 10®, has networkfunctions and use a complete 32 BIT MDI Platform (Multiple Document Interface). 

Labels Platform 4 supports both printer and Windows fonts, UNICODE, printer and graphic barcodes and 1D / 2D.

The printer is connected through a serial, parallel or USB port, or directly through the network (TCP/IP). The software allows you to view printer statistics and to communicate directly with the printers through the integrated terminal program. You also have the option to log print jobs and error messages.

Print jobs and data can be transferred via OLE / DDE, for example from Visual Basic or Excel. Labels Platform 4 operates as an OLE container so that objects from compatible Windows applications (MS Word, MS Excel, etc.) can be displayed on the label and printed without any further need for configuration. In addition, Labels Platform 4 supports the following label printer languages:

  • ZPL (Zebra Printer)
  • Fingerprint 6.1 or higher (Intermec / UBI printers)
  • EPL (Eltron printers and compatible platforms)
  • Datamax / Fargo Control Code Language
  • EasyPrint (EasyPrint / Valentin printers)
  • SBPL (SATO printers)
  • Unicontrol (EasyPrint / Domino Printers)
  • Jscript (cab Printers)

Like with most things it can sometimes be easier to try than it is to explain so why not download and install it and see how you get on.  Some functionality will be limited but will enable you to get a good overview and see how easy it is to function with.


If you would like to get a full operation manual for it please follow this download link

 LP4 user manual

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