CRISTAL - Supply Chain Track & Trace

The new technology standard facilitates traceability of crop protection products

CRISTAL - Supply Chain Track & Trace

The new technology standard facilitates traceability of crop protection products

Agrochemical labelling - CRISTAL

Standardised product coding standards guarantee the application of unique, machine-readable codes (e. g. DMC) which are applied to sales units and logistics units. 

By means of capturing the codes during every stage of the logistics chain, clear documentation about the item flow is achieved. 

This transparency offers many advantages for all those involved:

  • An important stage in the manufacture of safe, healthy food
  • Improved quality management
  • Documentation of the delivery chain from the producer through to the consumer Reduction of the product ageing within the delivery chain
  • Improvement to the product data precision and maintenance of this data
  • New options in CRM (customer relationships)
  • Improved product safety
  • Avoidance of product counterfeiting 

Global standards such as GS1, UN/CEFACT are used in order to guarantee the utmost consistency, sustainability and flexibility.  The concept reliably covers all levels of the traceability of the product, of the batch and the sales unit over all logistics levels.

Our b+b SiteServer and its modules guarantee the smooth and standardised data exchange between higher data systems, the individual line components through to the registration of the flow sheet of your products.  This data can be used either by national associations or organisations.

As a complete service provider, we supply you with a solution aligned perfectly with your requirements. Irrespective of semi or fully automatic, irrespective of contract manufacturers (CMO) or producers of own brands.

The following systems are just a selection of those available, should be unable to find the system that fits your needs please contact us to discuss further.

  • Semi automatic dual side labelling
  • Based on our TNC range, this system is configured with 2 large format label applicators for print and apply on opposite sides of a large container. Format parts can be supplied or jig designed to ensure the range of containers can be processed on the same machine

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